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Download vidmate V3.38 apk for android/windows user to download unlimited movies, video and song online.

Vidmate uses if you are facing any problem related to software or download then you may contact us so that we can resolve your problem.
Below are the list of issues which we have written for vidmate user if you feel any type of problem in following while downloading then kindly contact us .

  • Problem downloading video
  • Problem converting video
  • Problem installing the software
  • Problem with free license of vidmate
  • Request an application improvement
  • Partnership Inquiry
  • Microsoft Windows 64-bit/ 32-bit
  • Microsoft Windows 64-bit / 32-bit Portable

Download original vidmate program from vidmate tube. It’s absolutely free for everyone, The program can run on Android operating system, window based mobile, iPhone, contact us for video finding and downloading process the application provide Full support and guidance on how to download video from websites.

Vidmate team is happy with 2018 results

Vidmate is a very popular app among youngsters. By using this app songs and videos can be downloaded from various platforms such as youtube, vimeo, facebook, tumblur, instagram and other contemporary video sharing platforms. It’s not that just videos of a particular format can be downloaded using this app, it support all existing video formats and videos can be downloaded in any of these formats. Short or long videos, movie clips, music and even drama videos aka the popular serials can also be downloaded through this app. People download videos so that they can enjoy it at some later point of time. Connectivity also creates problem in watching videos at a particular point of time and hence the need of downloading videos.


Vidmate has 1000 million users. It is a big success for the app. It has gained a lot of popularity in a very less span of time. By using this app videos can be downloaded at a very fast rate. The surprising and unique feature of this app is that it is add free. While other contemporary apps have tons of adds in them which not only waste the time of users but also slow down the process of download. This app is not just time savy but it also amaze the user through its downloading speed.

Google playstore

This app is not available on Google playstore but it is very easy to download and install it. This amazing app is free of cost and completely safe for the user. This app has no hidden charges or hidden cost. Once the user has downloaded it then he can use it free of cost for each and every download. The file format of this app is APK. This format ensure that there are no malware or safety issues in installing it. After installation there is no limit on downloads which means that the user can download unlimited videos from various multimedia platforms. This app support thousand of video sharing websites. New versions of this app keep on surfacing and every time there is some improvement in the app.

4K, 2K, FullHD, HD

Before downloading a video a user can choose the quality of the video. The app supports all known resolutions and video types like: 4K (2160p), 2K (1440p), FullHD (1080p), HD (720p) and others. It means that you can get the video in the same quality.

vidmate quality

The biggest plus point of using vidmate is quality. There is no compromise on quality. By using this app the user enjoy the original quality of the video. An app is worthless if compromises on quality. The emphasis on quality has bagged vidmate app 1000 million users and it is a big achievement for any app. The number of users indicate the success of the app itself and this is not just the limit it is is gaining more and more popularity.

Download & Install Vidmate

In order to download videos through vidmate first the user have to download the app from and then install it. After installation of app the user can download videos by using app. There is a search bar in the app. By writing down the name of the video that the user want to download the user can download it and before downloading the video the app ask the user the quality in which it want to see the video. By clicking on the box the user can select the quality of the video and then the app start downloading the video. Now the user can enjoy the video at his convenience. What the success of vidmate has taught is that a simple product can brag a big victory if it operates in those terms that people understand.

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  1. I have used lots of software for downloading movies but vidmate among them is best the reason behind is that it is the fastest downloader of any audio and video file. I love this application very much and I definitely recommend this application thanks for providing such a useful application.

  2. My name is Pete and I want to share my experience about this application. It support almost all file format I have changed many time video format to MP4 and then download the file and and believe me file is very clear without any disturbance. The most important thing is that it can resume failed documents. Sometime I used to download the file and I forget to who connect the internet but my goodness whenever I connect the internet it automatically creates its path and start downloading the file.

  3. Well, I have just downloaded vidmate apk & used it, its work good as compare to other download manager like videoder, snaptube, tubmae, Getright, Star Downloader IDM. I have notice a huge difference in download processing,

  4. I have used vidmate application in my Android mobile and believe me I really enjoyed downloading latest cracked movies with the help of this application.

  5. Thanks for providing such a good application information.
    VidMete App is most power full apk with amazing futures of YouTube & Facebook videos Download VidMete is free Android apk.

  6. Hello,
    I hope this e-mail finds you well. I love this application and have used my streaming website for downloading video.

  7. Sir vidmate team has done a wonderful work by providing such a great software so that we can download any types of movies for free.


  8. Hello Thanks for providing Plan B – a backdoor entry for finding latest movies download link for free.

  9. I have no problems with vidmate app. But of late when we get notifications and if we click on a particular one which
    we like and would see the video, there is problem. It is not with one cell phone but all 4 cell phones in which I have your app. Previously, if we click on a particular video, it strait away take us to that particular video. But now simply it takes us to vidmate app. only. Now the status is that we cannot go to the particular video which we clicked.
    Also previously , the clicked one disappears from the notification page, but it now remians so in the page and in no
    way we can see the video we wanted to view. Is it because of some change in the app. If we go for older version can we get the function which was there previously?

  10. Hello, my name is Jim and i have just install vidmate apk from your website. I would like to thank you for providing such a great portal for downloading free movies.
    With the help of Vidmate i have download 2019 latest movies of bollywood and hollywood.


  11. Hey
    i visit this site and i found that the apk file which i have download is working on android apps only. my question is that how can i run the program for window phone.

    Yours sincerely

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