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Many people love watching short videos and sharing them with their family and friends. But some of them don’t know to download short videos in their phone.

For them, their is one app which is best for downloading videos or short videos. We will tell you more about this app, read below for more information.

So the name of the software is Vidmate, this is a very amazing app for downloading any kind of videos like short videos, social site videos or movies. This app is ultra fast in working. It has millions of downloads.

Many people entertain themselves by watching some short videos, so for them this is an perfect app. They can download video and share to others. We must have to make others happy, so share short videos.

There are many type of short videos available on this app. Some are funny, romantic, action, drama, sad or more. You can add short videos as your WhatsApp or any other social media status.

The size of short videos are very low, you don’t have to worry about your phone storage. Also, downloading speed of this app is very fast. So very short video will download on seconds.

How to download short videos by using Vidmate application ?

  1. It is very simple, you just need to open the app.
  2. There is one option short videos, where you can watch unlimited short videos and can download it in your phone.
  3. Also, you can browser you interested topic and app will show you all the short videos related to your interest. Like if you love funny videos, then choose the funny option, now app will show you all their videos related to this interest.
  4. There is one share button below the video, click on that for sharing that video to others. Video will be shared successfully to that person in seconds.
  5. That’s it, it is so simple.
  6. You can also browse videos you want, in the search tab.

Above we have explained the process of downloading short videos by this app.
If you have not downloaded this app yet then you can follow below process for downloading this app in your mobile.

Downloading process :-

This app is available on our website. Go on the top of our website and click on the download banner for downloading this application in your mobile.

Download the app and download unlimited short videos. Enjoy yourself and entertain others also.

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