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The growth of YT since its launch until today is the perfect example of how far the Internet can go , becoming a true world video library where we can find absolutely everything. Music lovers have millions of songs, albums and concerts on this platform, vlogs are becoming more popular, even shorts and movies are reaching further and further. And now, you can have all those videos on your Android device, thanks to Vidmate .

Vidmate apk

It is an apparently simple application, but it gives us the opportunity to download any video we want, not only on YT, but also on Dailymotion, Vimeo and other popular video platforms on the Internet. Due to the restrictive policies of the Google Play Store, the application can only be found as Vidmate APK, downloaded from this alternative market . The download is one hundred percent safe and free .

In this way, any user can have the videos they want on their mobile phone or tablet, as well as on the PC with other programs. Vidmate is a reference for lovers of video clips, for example, since thanks to this exclusive application for Android you can not only listen to your favorite music, but also watch it. The iPhone users are still waiting for something in their terminals …

Download vidmate apk for free

It is a luxury application to be able to have access to your favorite videos whenever you want, since Vidmate downloads them and stores them in your internal memory. In addition, and if that were not enough, it allows us to download the videos at the quality that suits us best, and in the type of file that we want. It is true that if we are looking for something very specific but we do not hit the search terms, we can spend a while reviewing the results , due to the large number of videos that Vidmate usually finds. That actually turns out to be an advantage, as we have access to an incredible arsenal of videos, concerts and movies, all for free and in the palm of our hand.

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