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Through the applications of our smartphones , today we can do practically anything. They measure our heart rate, warn us if someone is trying to steal our vehicle, guide us through strange streets and cities, inform us of the best restaurants to surprise our partners … The arrival of smartphones in our lives has changed by I complete our routine, since now we have a pocket computer always with us that informs us, advises us, and also entertains us.

And it is that the audiovisual world has changed a lot with the arrival of the Internet, thanks to portals such as YT or Vimeo, in which we can find all kinds of videos, from full concerts to historical football matches, through music videos, videoblogs and sketches fun about animals or small children. Enjoying these videos over the Internet is a lot of fun, but it is even more fun when we can download them to watch them whenever we want, offline, on our device. And that is precisely what vidmate allows you , a sensational application to find and download the videos you want to your Smartphone or tablet.

Vidmate for blackberry

Thanks to vidmate we can find any video we want on the web (not only on YT, but on a lot of pages specialized in videos) and download it in the type of file we want, and with the quality we want, so that we can take care of it. fair, no more. And all this, completely free of charge .

History of video download app

The fame of YT as the largest video portal in the world, added to the rise of other similar platforms such as Vimeo or Dailymotion, required an application with which to download those videos that we liked so much to always have them in our internal memory, stored in our terminals, or also to be able to share them through programs such as WhatsApp.

vidmate emerged to meet this need and quickly became one of the most popular applications among users. Google decided not to allow its continuity in the Play Store, the official Android store , since it goes against the policy of downloading content from one of its own portals.

For this reason, vidmate is offered only in APK format through different Internet pages. This limits its installation to Android terminals, as well as PC, using an emulator. IOS, Blackberry or Windows Phone users , who for now cannot enjoy this application, are left out .

Alternatives video downloader

There are several applications that have tried to achieve the same as vidmate, allowing users to download their favorite videos in the quality they want. On Android , surely the best alternative is TubeMate, which although it focuses only on the Google video library, usually gives good results when downloading videos.

In iOS we find the Video Downloader Lite Super application, which although it does not provide us with as many results or options as vidmate, it can be a good alternative for iPhone users . As for Blackberry , we can use an interesting method through the web browser itself, something more laborious and complicated, but which usually gives good results.

Download vidmate for free

vidmate is offered as a free download for all those users who have an Android device , since it is the only platform on which this application can be used originally. In this link you will find the vidmate APK for free to download easily and safely, and be able to install it on any Android device.

In addition, through Bluestacks or any other similar emulator, vidmate can also be installed on our computers , being able to use it without problems like any other Android application that works with these emulators of the Google mobile platform.

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