Download Vidmate for iPhone

Currently, the Internet allows us to find practically any video we want, either on YouTube, the largest video library ever created, or also on other platforms where movies, series, concerts, etc are uploaded … Videos that swarm all over the network and that sometimes They are difficult to find, but thanks to a new application, we can have them in the palm of our hand instantly. It’s about Vidmate , which not only allows us to find those videos, but also to download them.


You are going to be impressed by this powerful Android application , apparently very simple, but which perfectly fulfills its function. Find the video you are looking for, and it also allows you to download it in all the types of files you want, as well as at different qualities, so that it occupies what you want in your internal memory. The application can be downloaded from here in its APK format , which will allow us to install it only on Android and PC , through an emulator.

Vidmate for iphone

That means Vidmate for iPhone is not available, at least for now. However, there are other apps within the Appstore that work in a similar way, and that will allow us to download the videos we want, especially from YouTube. One of the most prominent is Video Downloader Lite Super , which will allow us to get any video from the Google platform.

We just have to install it on our iPhone or iPad and enter YouTube from our browser (this is important, not from the YouTube application). When it comes to playing the video we want, we will see that an icon representing a floppy disk appears on the left side of the playback, which we all already understand is used to save. By clicking on it, we can download the video to have it in our internal memory, and thus be able to enjoy it whenever we want, without the need for a connection.

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