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Video Download Helper is an application that can extract videos and image files from websites. It can also capture a full browsing session and record Twitter Periscope, which saves all live streams related to a set of predefined search terms.There’s a commercial feature that allows video conversion and aggregation giving a professional touch to this app. Video downloader helper can assist in downloading almost all kind of videos. This app is completely safe. Threat of any kind come only from the downloaded videos and not from the app. The risk of viruses and malware come only from public sites. Only trusted sites should be used for downloading videos. This minimises the risk of malware and viruses. Video Download Helper supports several types of video streams as it is meant to download different videos. Whether it is HTTP, MP2T, F4F or another, this application download it. If a site uses a non-supported streaming technology, the software captures directly from the screen and generates a video file out of it, hence it simplifies video downloading.

When the application detects videos that are to be downloaded, the browser toolbar icon activates. After a click on the icon, a list extends downwards displaying available videos. After a click on the desired video the download begins. Videoder, keepvid, tubemate, snaptube, instube, vidmate, youtube downloader etc. are popular video download helper. The users can easily and conveniently download the videos categorised under different sections like most viewed, daily recommendations, popular ones etc. By typeing the name of the video in the search bar, the desired video can be downloaded in just a blink of eye to watch later on any time which suits the user in the offline mode.

What is hybrid platform?
Habrid platfrom is a QT frontend that work on Linux/Mac OS X/Windows. The function of this tool is to convert input into different file format like mp4/m2ts/mkv/webm. Vidmate application also work on this concept so when whatever your platform is it will work on hybrid architecture.

What is audio converter tool?
An audio converter to is a software that convert ADCs to PCM and reciprocal. That is digital to analogue and analogue to digital converter tool.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Media Player

Ctrl + P (Play / Pause) Ctrl+Alt+Home
Ctrl + F (Next track) Ctrl+Alt+Right
Ctrl + B (Previous track) Ctrl+Alt+Left
F9 (Volume Up) Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow Key
F8 (Volume Down) Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow Key
Ctrl + Shift + F (Fast Forward) Ctrl+Alt+F
Ctrl+Alt+B (Fast Backward) Ctrl + Left Arrow

Why choose vidmate?

Vidmate contain one of the largest indian movie collection with over 15 languages including hindi, tamil, telugu movies, bhojpuri movies, kannada movies, Malayalam movies, assamese movie, Nepali movies, bengali movies,Marathi movies, Gujarati movies and many more language movies. The title is either in English, hindi aur Arabic language so that users can easily find the movies name.