How to convert youtube video to mp3

You tube is a video sharing site. It is the largest platform to share videos. The user can upload and watch videos for free. Videos belonging to different categories are frequently uploaded on you tube. Music videos are also uploaded on you tube from time to time. Music lovers intend to download mp3 videos from you tube and then listen to them for free. You tube do not charge for downloading music videos. Hence it becomes the favourite destination of music lovers to download audio. There are some audios and videos on you tube for the download of which the user has to pay money. But this is the case when the user download that audio or video from you tube itself. If the user download the audio or video using some app or software then it cost nothing to him.

Use Online converter tools

The user can convert a you tubevideo into MP3 by using an online converter. After converting a video the user can download it and watch it at any time. Apart from converters there are apps and sites for converting you tube video into MP3. People prefer to use sites for conversion instead of apps because apps need to be installed whereas this is not the case with websites. The websites even work faster and do the job of conversion quickly. Vidmate and tubemate are popular among people. These apps are user friendly and have a very simple interface. The user need to download and install these apps in his smartphone. After the installation is complete the user can start converting videos to MP3.  The user can even select the quality of audio from the list given in apps. For example video converter converts videos in various audio formats ranging from MP3 to m4a. By using the apps which are available online the user can easily convert video formats into audio formats. Hence all the user need to do is to acquaint himself with the apps, softwares and other available applications. There is a vast variety of video to audio converting apps. The user can choose any of those apps that match his requirements. By converting video into audio the user can easily listen to the tracks of his choice in the desired audio format. Downloading time of audio is also less in comparison of video download and it takes less space on the device that is to be downloaded.


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