vidmate 2020 App Install -Latest version 5.0

Vidmate app is specifically for downloading videos from the Youtube site.  A very simple. useful and easy to learn app. Vidmate is basically one of the easiest to use downloader apps. The process is very simple even for a layman and for those who find the smart phone a very complicated and difficult gadget to handle (although there will be very few in that category). So now the granny in the house also can also use Vidmate once she is taught and then just see how fast she is able to deftly use it! True not joking!

It is necessary to know how to download the Vidmate as this app is not available on Google play and needs to be taken from the Vidmate site itself or from other third party sites like 9App. In such scenarios, downloading through the APK file is the best and the most apt method.

Vidmate is truly a fast and reliable software for all video downloads from the Youtube like movies, TV serials and latest popular reality shows and what not .. The best way is to download it from the site of Tube and then get the best of the features from the latest and running version. The older versions will also be there in the site and users can select according to what they need.

Also check the Vidmate app download and have it installed among the app list on your phone.

It is obvious that Vidmate is not there on Google play. This seems a little surprising but there are different reasons for the same. One reason is that YouTube itself is a little sceptical of the fact that people might not watch their videos and their site if a ready to use free downloader is available. After all YouTube is now owned by Google. Then comes the question of monopoly as well. But ultimately, it is about the app being readily available on different sites.

Step sequence for installation of Vidmate–

  • First download the APK of the app from its website. It is best and even necessary to ensure the latest version.
  • If the APK is from any other source, then smart phone device will ask for the changes ijn the settings options for the necessary permissions.
  • To enable this, go to settings, security and then section.
  • Go to unknown sources and then select it.
  • Click on the “ install “ option and the download will start.
  • Once installation is done, the click on open button to activate the application in the Android mobile phone.
  • This is a very simplified and easy procedure and no hassles at all in installing the app.

How to install vidmate app in android?

Android operating system is a part of Google, so it restrict installation of application outside Google Play Store. If you are installing applications from third party you will get a notice of ” installation blocked ” for security of phone. To allow installation you have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: In android Navigate to Setting > GoTo Security > GoTo Device Administration.
Toggle the option “Unknown Sources” > Tab OK to provide access > select “Trust”

how to install vidmate app in pc?

how to install vidmate app in winphone?


What is Vidmate APK 2020?

Vidmate APK 202 is an upgraded version of vidmate old version which is used for downloading Tik Tok, facebook, twitter, youTube, motion and other platform video. The APK is compatible on Android mobile.