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Summer Movies Download 2020

This summer is going to be worst due to covid 19.  A lots of uncertainty are in the mind of people, no one dare to go outside from their house. In summer the day are big and night are short but what will happen if we could not fine the covid 19 solution. You can […]

chhapaak movie

Chhapaak Movie vidmate

कहानी: एक उन्नीस वर्षीय लड़की का जीवन उस समय करवट लेता है जब वह एक भयंकर एसिड हमले का शिकार होती है। लेकिन वह न्याय के लिए लड़ने और अपने जीवन को पुनः प्राप्त करने का संकल्प लेती है। समीक्षा: मेघना गुलज़ार की ‘छपाक’ वास्तविक जीवन एसिड अटैक सर्वाइवर, लक्ष्मी अग्रवाल की कहानी से प्रेरित […]

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Watching movies is the most favourite time pass for most of the people. There are many options for watching movies. People can watch movies not only in theatres but also in t.v. laptop and even in their smartphones. With the passage of time the quality of movies have increased. Better screenplay, good stories and more […]

how to download movies in mobile

Watching movie is one of the best entertainment now a day people usually watch movie when they are free or they are doing nothing. Even if you are traveling you need movies in your mobile so that you can watch it at the time of traveling. No doubt most of the people use direct watching […]

Download movie and TV videos

Download vidmate movies and TV shows honour smartphone and watch it offline, you not need Wi-Fi aur mobile data connection forgot you movies. Application is also comfortable with PC , laptop, MAC and other device. The movies and shows with you have download song goodnight store and transfer from one device to another device. So […]

Bollywood movies download free sites high quality

Movies on Smartphone Movies is the oldest means of entertainment. People love watching movies. Earlier there were limited means of watching movies. People were able to watch movies only in theater. They had to spend full three hours in theater for watching movies. But now people can watch movies anytime and anywhere. This is because […]

a to z hindi movies free download

Best Entertainment – Movies Everyone love movies. These are very popular among the masses since 1930’s. These are the best means of entertainment. With development in technology everything has changed. Development in every field has also changed the way movies are made, viewed and the broadcast of cinema. Making movies is now more organissed, less […]

Free Movie Download App for Android Mobile

Android OS & movies download The android is the software that was founded in Palo Alto of California in 2003. It is an operating system. It is linux based. Android is the most used operating system in the world. This operating system is widely used in smartphones and tablets. Android is the most popular operating […]

Upcoming Bollywood movies 2020

how to download latest movies 2020 from vidmate? We Indians can’t live without movies specially when whole India is lockdown from covid 19 (coronavirus).So be safe stay live and enjoy your time in watching latest movies of bollwood for free. Vidmate has bring you download option of 2020 leaked movies in your mobile. Radhe (2020) […]