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Watching movies is the most favourite time pass for most of the people. There are many options for watching movies. People can watch movies not only in theatres but also in t.v. laptop and even in their smartphones. With the passage of time the quality of movies have increased. Better screenplay, good stories and more innovation is seen in the making and presentation of movies. A person can watch movies in smartphone anytime and anywhere with the help on internet connection but what if there is no internet? In such scenario movie downloading apps come to the rescue of users. In case of watching movies online the user is able to watch movies online only when the user has an internet connection. If the user do not have an internet connection either due to the fact that the user is in a remote area or due to lack of internet connectivity or the data has exhausted then the user cannot watch movies. In such a case the user can download movies and can watch them later whenever the user want to.

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There are numerous movie downloading apps and these apps can be used by the user for downloading movies. These apps support various kinds of format and these make the download of movies a matter of no time. The companies who launch these apps for downloading movies keep on updating them and thus make them relevant for new as well as old user. Some of the movie downloading apps are: you tube, show box, uTorrent, movies hd, voot,hotstar, jio cinema etc. Apart from these apps there are software which can be used for downloading movies and this include save from net, downthemall, uTorrent, movie saver, movie downloader etc. Most of these movie download software are free and downloading movies using these softwares is very easy. The user simply need to search about these softwares in a search engine. The user need to copy and paste the link of the movie that the user intend to download. After hitting the download button the movie will start downloading. Most of these softwares keep on downloading movies in background and this do not interfere with the work of the user. Hence while the movie is being downloaded the user can simultaneously perform other commitments and pending work.

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