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Download vidmate for free

Through the applications of our smartphones , today we can do practically anything. They measure our heart rate, warn us if someone is trying to steal our vehicle, guide us through strange streets and cities, inform us of the best restaurants to surprise our partners … The arrival of smartphones in our lives has changed […]


Download vidmate for Android

If only 10 years ago we had thought of having all our entertainment, videos, movies, music, Internet, games … in the same device that could fit in our pocket, we would surely have thought it was impossible. However, the Smartphone arrived and changed our lives, thanks to its combination with the Internet, offering us a […]


What is Vidmate app?

The videos have probably become the most shared material over the Internet. Currently, with a webcam, anyone can share their thoughts through the network in personal videos. Mobile phones, with their quality cameras, also allow us to capture any interesting moment to share it on the web. And in a few years it has been […]