Videmate – Download Videos from Internet Sites

Videmate app offers the facility to download videos, movies and audios. There are several sites on the internet. Videmate app has a very wide and popular user base across the globe. It is also a user-friendly app. The user can rest assured of the quality of the video as one can download in HD quality to any other lower quality as per your screen resolution format. This soo is totally free of cost with no hidden charges whatsoever. There are no in-app purchases. As we all know, most of the apps provide only basic features in the first version and then start charging heavily on the advanced versions.

The videmate app is basically to download videos, movies from the internet onto your phone. You can download all your stuff from Hotstar, metacafe, Vimeo, Facebook etc. The videos can be in the form of political clippings, reality shows, songs etc. In the search box of this app you can type or paste the link of whatever you want to download. You will find a list of the best videos you want to download. This app is user friendly and it is very simple and safe to use as it follows all the legal parameters. This app allows you to stream live channels and your favourite tv channels. All the program that you have missed due to your hectic schedule can be watched in your leisure time.

This app can be used in android mobile. You can also download this all on desktop or PC. You can download not only video but also MP3 files. Through this app you can convert video files to MP3 file format. Download whatever content you want and watch it in offline mode any number of times as you want. As humans we have the tendency to watch the same video repeatedly, as such we don’t have to download it or stream it every time we want to watch. It will save your consumption data as well as battery life. Go ahead swiftly and download the Apk file of the app. Once the app is installed, download all your favourite stuff and enjoy the unlimited fun.

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