VidMate Download 2013

As we all know Vidmate has become the most popular video downloading app or tool in the world. It has millions of users in India, most of the people love using this app because it helps users to download videos in Ultra HD. So if your phone doesn’t support latest version of Vidmate then you can try 2013 version which is compatible to all the type of phones or devices.

The interface of 2013 version is attractive and very fast. When you open this version in your phone, it shows you all the trending videos, songs, movies & TV shows in the homepage.

Many people have phones with older models, so they cannot access or use the latest version of Vidmate in it. So 2013 edition is the best for them, you can download this old version by clicking on the ‘Download button’ of our website and enjoy downloading videos and audio for free.

Sometimes people do not have enough internet to watch videos and movies online, then this version proves to be quite beneficial, as this version can run faster even at slow internet speed. You can download any video you want to watch in this app by selecting it in any quality.

Some of the best features of Vidmate 2013 are –

  1. The version is also free, you will not have to pay any kind of fee to the company (vidmate) to use this app version.
  2. As always, it is safe and secure.
  3. Millions of people are using this app every day, and people are 100% confident on this app.
  4. In this you can choose the appropriate quality of your video, in which you want to watch or download the video in your phone storage.
  5. It is the world’s simplest and fastest video downloader app, which gives you 10 times faster speed.
  6. You can check the progress of the video that you have downloaded.
  7. Also downloads audio, video and images with full HD mode.
  8. Play offline video after downloading it and enjoy watching (without built-in).
  9. It is smart app which is very easy to use.
  10. Supports 90+ websites from which you can download videos (using vidmate).

Now that you have read about Vidmate 2013 version, are you downloading this version for your phone or not? If yes then it is great, because if you have an old model phone then you should have this version app in your phone so that you can watch and enjoy videos and music offline.

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