vidmate movies

Get vidmate and download movies from youtube, TVs, Internet STBs, Smart Blu-ray Player to your PCs. smart phone and tablets.

Vidmate is a video hosting and downloading website that uses peer-to-peer technologies for downloading any video from streaming website. It’s overrule the content policy of YouTube that in force for downloading any video from streaming website.

  • No registration required! Just download and start watching movies
  • Make your favorite movies list including webseries.
  • Simple & Smooth User Interface.
  • Fast content loading in HD quality
  • Multimedia content with Subtitle
  • Video Search engine
  • HD Movies Online quality, HQ
  • Letest movies Trends. Get notifications of new uploaded movies, film, web series & tv shows, short films and many more.
  • Vidmate easily download video from restricted website, registered website, event the channel are banned or demonetized.

Movie buff

Are you a movie buff? If yes then vidmate have something for you, it will provide you are platform where you can watch movies for free. Application contains millions of movies collection worldwide including Bollywood, Hollywood, language movie like Hindi, English and many more.

How to Download Film for Free

In order to download any language movie or genre with the help of vidmate you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1: Get vidmate apk app
First of all you need to download vidmate application in your smartphone the application is available free in all App Store even you can download it from official website of vidmate. The application is compatible with almost all all all Android mobile and win phone mobile.

Step 2: Search movies by title:
Now launcher your vidmate application and in search box simply inter the keyword or link of video in the search box. It will start your query and provide you video result.

Step 3: Start downloading the movie
When we enter movies name in the search box or URL it will automatically refresh the information and provide us direct downloading of that video. application also provide resolution option, so that we can choose the resolution in which we want to download video. We can also watch videos Before downloading the the movies so that we can download the correct movies which we are searching. To doing this we have to click on the thumbs icon to start playing movie.

What is vidmate movies?

Vidmate movies is a video hosting platform that contains millions of movies in their server or is capable of downloading audio and video files from streaming website. You can use tools to download multimedia content present in the the server but if you will not get any movies direct download links from this server then you have to close youTube channel social media channel and other channels for downloading the movies.

Vidmate movies

Vidmate is the most popular app for downloading movies. This app is used by more than three hundred million people. This app is very user friendly. It’s easy and simple to use. The salient feature of this app is that it can download movies in HD.  The user can download not only Bollywood and Hollywood movies but also serials, short movie clips, video songs and much more. This app allows the user to pause and resume download. Hence this app is quite handy and convenient for the user. After downloading a movie the user can watch it even at those times when he don’t have an internet connection. If the user feel bound by the limits of data then he can avail the benefits of free Wi-Fi. Once the download is complete then the user can watch movies even at those places where there is no internet. The download and installation of this app is also very easy. The user can make maximum use of this app once he has understood it’s basics and techniques. There is no other app in the app world which can compete with this app. Updated version of this app are also available from time to time. This app is modified by the makers from time to time to meet the requirements of users.


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