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Vidmate is a free tool used to download videos and movies (latest movies) from any social sites (eg- Instagram, Facebook, vimeo, tumblr, twitter & more). You can download unlimited movies in very high quality.

Many people want to watch movies, but they do not know how to download movies, this app is best for them because downloading movies from this app is very easy.
This app is one of the best movie downloaders in the world, people who like watching videos or movies, this app can help them to download movies easily.

Not only movies or videos, you can also watch live TV or web shows (in HD) in it. In this, any mind can choose the channels they like (sports channels, movie channels, serial channels, music channels or more). All the files you download from this app will be saved or downloaded in your phone storage.

Some of the best features about Vidmate movies app are as follows –

  1. You do not have to pay any fee to use the app as this app is free.
  2. Downloading movie in Vidmate app is very simple, users can easily use this app.
  3. You can download multiple videos on this app at the same time. In addition, you can check the progress of the videos that you have downloaded.
  4. It supports multiple languages; Indian languages ​​(Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu or more) and other country languages.
  5. You can also save WhatsApp status videos of any other people through this app. Just go to the option in this app and choose the position you want to download and click on the ‘Download icon’. Now, that video status will be saved in your phone’s memory.
  6. You can also upload and download short videos (15-30 seconds) from this app.
  7. Also, the best feature is that you can hide your favorite files in this app.
  8. Very safe and secure app with complete privacy protection.

Above we have discusse all the important points about ‘Vidmate’ movies. Now this is your option to download the app. But if you are downloading this app then you have taken the right decision.

We have all versions of Vidmate which you can easily download from our website as well.


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  1. The downloader is great but whenever I download something it corrupts the video sometimes I downloaded it again and please fix your ads.

  2. The app runs fine. Been using it for years and still using it very well, and there are not too many pop up ads that’s why there is no problem in using it… Thanks.

  3. This is the best and most popular application. It is very fast and easy to use. It is built with great features. Very useful application. I really love this application.

  4. I know this if off topic about vidmate but I’m looking into premium app which are providing lots of facility. Can vidmate have also such tools in free version.

  5. I am enjoying movies in this lock down period. From the day first i have download more then hundreds of movies from this tool. I really want to thanks for providing download facility in their app.

  6. Best movies download website online

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