Vidmate Old Version 2011

If you want to download the old version of Vidmate 2011, we will help you. Our site offers you all other versions besides this old version of Vidmate. Most people download this version because they have an older phone because the old phone does not support the new version of Vidmate, so the 2011 version of Vidmate can be easily used in older phones.

This version works well like all versions. In which you can easily download any type of songs, movies, videos etc. from any website, it supports almost all the websites of the Internet, in addition you can also download videos, pictures, pictures, photos etc. from social site (Facebbok, Twitter, Instagram). There is no charge to use this app as it is a free app, now we talk about its features which are as follows :-

  1. This version is completely safe and free like the rest of the version.
  2. In this app, when you download any video, it gives you the option to select the video quality, you can choose the quality of the video through that option.
  3. It is very easy to use, everyone can use it easily and can easily download any video.
  4. This app is great to watch because its UI interface is amazing, so it has become even easier to use.
  5. It is available in every language. When you download this app, you have the option to choose the language. You can use this app by choosing any language you like.
  6. Now let’s talk about the process of downloading it.

If you want to download the old version of vidmate 2011, you can easily get it in your phone through the download button given in our website, it is available in our website as an APK, just on it Click and install it in your mobile, after install you can use it and take advantage of this app.

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