Vidmate Old Version 2013

Everyone knows that Vidmate Old Version 2013 is the most used version, millions of people use this version daily. Everyone is happy with its good features as it downloads good quality videos from any website. If you use the new version of vidmate app, try to use the old version once. It works well in all types of mobiles. On opening this app, it shows trending videos, songs, clips etc., you can watch or download them if you want.

This app not only downloads videos but can also watch live television through it. It is available from over 100 TV channels. In this you can watch all channels of live news, live cricket, movies etc. for free. If you want to download this old version in your mobile, don’t delay, install it on your mobile soon by clicking on the download button given in our website.

Many people have slow internet speed of mobile, they cannot use any app properly, but this app works very fast even in slow internet connection, that is why it is so great App.

Now we talk about its features which are amazing: –

  1. This app can be downloaded and used for free on all mobiles.
  2. This is the most secure app, it does not share your privacy with anyone, so this app is being used without any fear.
  3. We know that after downloading this app, you can completely trust this app because millions of people have liked this app.
  4. It is good compared to other video downloader apps as it downloads videos faster and is completely safe.
  5. In this app, when you download the video, you can also see the progress of that downloaded video.
  6. You can convert any video to MP3. After the video is converted, you can also download that file to your mobile.
  7. Through this you can also download videos of all social media sites in your mobile. It supports all social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Now we talk about the downloading process of Vidmet 2013 which is as follows –

If you download this old version in your mobile, you can get the best of this app by clicking on the download button given in our website, you can install it in your mobile. And you can use it. If you like it after using it, you can also share it to other people so that they too can get the benefit of this app like you.

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