Vidmate Old Version Download 9Apps

Vidmate app old version is a tool for downloading videos. You can find this app on the 9apps store. This app is meant to download videos, movies, audios etc. It’s very easy to convert video files into mp3. Through this app you can download movies, Tv serials, news, games etc. It can download videos and movies from
different sites. This is one of the best sop in town. Looks very stylish on the phone and it’s light on the phone as it is only 6.2 MB. It occupies a very little space on your mobile. All the videos, movies and videos are downloaded and either stored on your device or on the disk of your storage card.

The vidmate app old version is a popular app that is widely used across all sections of the society. When we think of downloading an app then we come across thousands of apps on the internet. A few of them would be not available or there would be too many ads. The all time favourite feature of the app is you can download several videos at the same time from different websites without having to go individually into each site. You can browse through the app and find your own local language for downloading a video or movie.

If you have slow internet or an old device the HD quality may not be compatible with your device. But no worries, you can download even with a slow connection and in a less quality image. You can also download videos in different languages. Not only movies but also your favourite tv channels, music shows, comedy shows etc. They are about more than 200 channels. Gone were the days that when you missed your favourite tv serial, you won’t be able to view it again. Then came a time when the tv serial would be repeated at night. Now with so much technology around you don’t have to worry about all these hassles.

Now, the vidmate app is a saviour for all of us. You don’t have to be dejected that you missed the serial. Now you can watch your favourite program as per your desired time and convenience. Although this is an old version of the app, but it’s features are like all time favourites. You have to just download the app from its site or even from the 9apps store. Install the app on an android device as it is compatible with android application. Accept the terms and conditions of the app and then install it. After installing in the search bar start browsing for your favourite content and enjoy your time

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