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Music is the food for soul. Music help in the rejuvenation of body and mind. Music not only uplifts mood but also has a therapeutic effect on mind. Just like water, music also refreshes an individual. Millions of languages are spoken worldwide, so is the case with music. Music is created in many languages. The most popular languages in which music is created are english, hindi, spanish, punjabi, bangla etc. Local and folk music is also very popular among people. In India every occasion is celebrated with music. This is the reason behind the popularity of music. These days the users can listen to music in many ways. There is a wide  range of variety of music as well as of the equipments for listening to music. However smartphones have changed the way of listening to music. By installing apps the user can download as much music as he want to. These apps have a simple interface and they are easy to use. One such app is vidmate. This app is undoubtedly the most popular app of the contemporary times. By using vidmate the user can download songs of his choice in no matter of time. Vidmate is not available on playstore. The user has to google it. It means that when the user search the name vidmate in the google search bar then in the result the user see vidmate. By clicking the vidmate icon the user is able to download it. It is the Google play store’s privacy terms which makes it difficult for vidmate to be listed in the playstore’s app list.

After installing vidmate the user can watch and download videos and songs of his choice. The user can even convert video songs in mp3. This can be done easily using an mp3 converter. After downloading favourite songs the user can even rename them in the app. The user also has the choice of creating his own playlist. Actually the user can create an endless playlist using this app. Not just mp3 the user can even listen to songs in various other formats. This app support almost all kind of available formats. By using this app the user can make maximum use of his available resources. The user can listen to songs according to his own accord.

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