Vidmate Video Converter

Vidmate video coverter is most popular converter as it helps people to covert videos to any other format or in audio. Millions of people use vidmate for converting videos to audios. For example, if one song is not available on audio then, what you will do? In this situation you can use this video converter software for converting the video into audio.

Vidmate converts video to nay format or in audio for free of cost. As this app is totally free for use. No one has to pay for using this app.

This is one of the stable and amazing app which works very fast. Anyone can use this application because it is simple to use.

How you can convert videos by using vidmate app ?

Converting videos to audios or in other format is very easy in this app. You just need to follow the steps which are mentioned below –

  1. For converting videos you need to open the application.
  2. Then search for video which you want to convert in audio or in other format.
  3. Select that video and choose the format that is audio ( MP3 ).
  4. Now tap on the download button which is on the bottom of the video.
  5. You can also change video format ( like – if you have video in mp4 you can change it to 3gp or other ).
  6. Even you can also change the quality of video ( 240p to 4k ). All the qualities are available in this app.

Want to download Vidmate converter in your phone ?

Yes, then check our website. And on the top you will see one download buttom. Just click or tap on that button.

Wait for some time so that app successfully downloads in your mobile.
Now app will download in your phone, install it and use the app for converting and downloading videos or movies.

Features of vidmate video coverter –

  1. Converts videos in any format of your choice.
  2. Compatibles to all the type of devices.
  3. Works fast in every device.
  4. Convert videos in very fast speed.
  5. Support many formats in which you convert videos.
  6. Covert videos in free and is very safe.

Also, you can change themes in the app. Like it has dark and light theme option. You can choose any theme according to your choice.
Most of the people choose dark theme because it looks very classy and protects your eyes from harmful rays.

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