Vitmat is perfect for downloading music, videos and other clippings. It works very fast and it is very easy to use. The old and latest versions of the Vitmat app all work well. The favorite movies and songs can be downloaded in the best quality through this app. The Vitmat app is very popular for Android smart phone users. Apart from this it is one of the best apps for downloading music songs and other viral videos from social site. It provides the best entertainment as compared to other apps.

Features of Vitmat app –

  1. When you download any video with this app, you can either stop or continue it.
  2. It is also able to download even the largest files very fast.
  3. The video song downloaded by it is faster than other apps. it works 10 faster than to others video downloader apps.
  4. There is no fee to use this app, it is completely free.
  5. It is very easy to download videos from social media site. You can download any video according to your quality.
  6. Through this app you can download unlimited videos.
  7. It is available in all languages. When you install it then it gives the option to select the language. You can use it by choosing your favorite language.
  8. Vitmat is a free tool that lets you download movies, videos, music and songs hosted in websites like facebook, instagram, vevo, whatsapp, dailymotion, vimeo.

How to download Vitmat app on your mobile?

  1. First click on the download link given in our site.
  2. Then you can start downloading its apk file in your mobile.
  3. After downloading, Vitmat will be installed on your mobile.
  4. You can use it after Vitmat is installed.


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  2. how to download vidmate in android phone?

    I was finding the clue on how to download vidmate in Android phone and I found the following information about downloading the apk in Android mobile. So I decided to discuss the steps of getting install this tool so that other users can get this application easily in their mobile.

    It is very easy to download vidmate apk file from official website but when we try to install it in our Android mobile it does not install due to restriction in third party installation of Android operating system. So if you get notice about unknown source file then you have to simply go to

    mobile dashboard > Settings > click on the Security Option > GoTo the Device Administration > Toggle on the “Unknown Sources”

    Note : When the mobile users see this message(“unknown source”) most of the others think that it is a virus or Malware and their stop the process without understanding the actual concept behind asking the question. When we see the message about third party we always think that it may be some virus which may corrupt our android OS and main hacked our data but it is not like that. Android operating system has inbuilt Google Play Store and it’s allow only installation from Google Play Store if we are using third party tools as alternate it will restrict the application and first need your permission for allowing. So next time whenever you get this message simply you have to follow the process which I have explain you.

    Once you enable the unknown source file you are ready to install vidmate APK in your mobile simply follow the step-by-step process and provide access and permissions to your mobile setting and click on finish.

    I hope that you have understand the way of calling vidmate apk file in your Android mobile.

  3. Vidmat is a software which allow users to download latest movies in your smartphone or in your laptop from streaming website like you to Dailymotion, Instagram, Facebook and many more. Install vidmate apk file in your Android mobile and get unlimited access of latest movies and video for downloading.

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