Today’s world is progressing very fast with the increasing technology. Internet has become very common not only as a medium of entertainment but also for information. We all must be looking for video downloading app at some point or the other. The popularity of watching videos is increasing day by day and so is the search for video downloading sites. These days we see that many people spend their time watching videos on video sites. but
While watching those videos, the mind of downloading them also comes in our mind. There are many apps on the internet that do not allow to download videos. Now this problem has been solved by Wemate app. You can download it from our site.

Features of Wemate-

  1. With this app you can download videos from various social sites and video sites.
  2. You can share downloaded Videos, Songs, Status etc with family and friends and even in WhatsApp and Facebook.
  3. This app allows you to download videos for free from all sites which are very unlimited. And whenever you have free time, you can watch them without internet.
  4. It allows to convert video to audio file.
  5. Once you have this app on your device, you definitely won’t need to download any other app.
  6. Whenever a new version of the app is released, the designers of this app are always adding new features.
  7. It supports downloading videos in HD quality or any other quality.
  8. You can also watch Live TV, News and Live Cricket matches through this app.
  9. This saves on battery life and data consumption.
  10. This app is compatible with Android applications and it is free.

Download this app from this site or from 9App Store and install the app on your device. Open the app and enjoy unlimited downloading and share videos with family and friends.

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