What is vidmate apk?

vidmate apk is your one stop website for all your video cravings! We have all kinds of videos you can imagine.

No Signups Necessary!

Download vidmate apk video app for free

You can browse through all the free videos from the categories listed, just to the left of this, or you can use our search bar above to search for any kind of videos you want.

Get the possibility of saving vidmateTube Videos on your computer, and later you can even transfer it to your mobile phone! Download this 100% cost-free, spyware-free Tool.
We Guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

How to Download YT Videos-3 Steps Only

  • Get the youtube video URL you what to download.
  • Paste the URL you got on the box above.
  • Just click the Download File, complete a very simple survey and have 24 hours of free fun!
  • After getting the video, you will be able to download it, convert it to 20+ extensions or generate an animated GIF from it.

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And despite our website name, you CAN NOT download videos off our website, however you can watch it on here as often as you like 😉

Did we mention… No Signups Necessary!

What vidmate apk can do for you?
Have you ever watched a YT video that you liked so much you could watch it over again? With vidmate not only can you re-watch the videos you can download them and save them as a video file on your pc! You can even put the videos that you love onto portable devices such as an iPod, iPhone or general mobile phones. vidmate does just that. It converts the videos into files which are universal. Many services on the internet require you to download a program to do this. And sometimes those programs can even virus your computer. With vidmate all you have to do is enter the URL and it downloads the video straight to your computer!

With one or two simple clicks you can get many videos downloaded straight to your pc. And the great thing is this is all free. No catches at all, you can download your favourite sketch or comedy video in a matter of seconds. Any video of YT can be downloaded and there are no limits. Once you have the video downloaded you don’t need internet connection to view it. The beauty is if you are going away and can’t do without your favourite video just download it onto your phone and off you go.

How it works is simple. First off you look up your favourite video. Then click it, once you are on the video copy the url at the top of the webpage where you type in a web address. You then paste it into the box on vidmate. Now all you do is simply click “Download File” It is as simple as that! Now your video should be downloading to your PC. Once it has downloaded you can do what you want with it.

The method is simple, the concept is amazing and it is unlimited. That’s why vidmate is revolutionary.

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