What is Vidmate app?

The videos have probably become the most shared material over the Internet. Currently, with a webcam, anyone can share their thoughts through the network in personal videos. Mobile phones, with their quality cameras, also allow us to capture any interesting moment to share it on the web. And in a few years it has been filled with videos of all kinds, most of them located on platforms such as YT, Vimeo or Dailymotion, which bring them together.

vidmate app download

Surely more than once you have thought that it would be great to be able to download these videos on your Android device , as you can on your PC , to watch them whenever and wherever you want. The thing is not simple at all, or at least it was not … until Vidmate appeared . This application will allow us to download any type of video we want through a powerful download system that tracks various video portals, such as Vimeo, Dailymotion and of course YouTube. It is available for Android, but only in APK format , at this link, since the Play Store does not allow these types of apps because they go against their own “interests”.

what is Vidmate app?

The application is quite simple to use, since it is based on a simple search engine , in which we will place the term that interests us, for example, “funny cat”. In a few seconds, Vidmate app will crawl all the video portals on the Internet to offer us the results found on that topic we have searched for. All these videos can be downloaded from the application itself to have them in the internal memory of our Android terminals, at different qualities, as allowed by the download page itself.

The content that we can access through this application is very varied, we can download music video clips, vlogs of the best known Ytubers, complete films, shorts, sketches, viral videos … Now you can have everything you can find online also on your own device thanks to Vidmate .


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